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Falmouth Skeet Club


Cape Cod,  Massachussetts

Club Reopening During Covid-19 - Guidelines

COVID-19 Club Guidelines

Note: Rules will be in effect on Wed 20, 2020 and until further notice from the FSC Board. These rules are subject to change based on any new State mandated guidance.

1. The club will be open (for members only and their immediate guests) during its normal hours of operation (as posted on the website)

2. The FSC club board will continue to monitor and observe the latest MA State guidance

3. Social Distancing must be maintained at all times (6 feet apart rule)

4. Member on the club premises must wear masks (required) and gloves (recommended) at all times

5. All shooters must check in with the Duty Officer to get assigned to a squad

6. Squads/Shooters must wait before heading to the field until they are told by the Duty Officer

7. Availability and Squad order will be based on a “first come first serve” basis

8. The Duty officer will be only person allowed in the clubhouse.

9. Shooters will wait their turn to transact maintaining required social distance. Transactions will be done sequentially

10. All transactions will be performed outside of the clubhouse, on the clubhouse deck, and solely managed by the Duty officer

11. The Duty officer will manage ammunition sales, squad signup sheets and assign shooters to an available field as appropriate

12. Only pullers and shooters will be allowed in the skeet field(s). No observers

13. Squads will be limited to a maximum of 4 shooters

14. Each squad will have 1 designated (dedicated) non-shooting puller (no exceptions to this rule)

15. Pullers must wear gloves at all times while pulling at the field.

16. Remote Triggers (used by the pullers) must be returned to the Duty Officer and Sanitized after every round, before going back out to the field

17. Shells are to be picked up after every squad completes a round

18. Any payments to the club must be made by Check (made out to Falmouth Skeet Club)

19. Online payments at the website will be available too. In which case the Duty officer will record the total amount and the member’s name. After shooting, the member can go directly to the website ( and make the payment online from his own online device (smartphone or laptop)

20. Duty officer will assign waiting areas for shooters. All shooters must comply

21. Field usage (whether one or 2 fields are opened) will be determined by the Duty Officer

Additional Items

1. As a courtesy to other members, if you are not feeling well, please do not come to Club to minimize any health risks

2. If you become ill with COVID-19 after having been to the club, please immediately notify our COVID-19 affairs manager Sheldon Hamblin (508-958-2827 or

3. The club will not be held responsible for anyone contracting COVID-19

4. Anyone not following the rules will be told to leave the club premises

5. Members must encourage other members and their guests to follow the rules in order to maintain a safe shooting environment

6. If rules are not followed, the board will have no choice but to close the club once again and until further notice

7. At end of each shooting day the duty officer will sanitize clubhouse any exposed surface areas as well as equipment (i.e. remote triggers, clipboards, etc.)

8. 5-Stand and Trap will not be open or available for the time being. After observing how Skeet goes for some time, the Board will assess and consider opening the other areas.


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