Falmouth Skeet Club


Cape Cod,  Massachussetts

You will need the following equipment at the field:

> Shotgun that can fire two (2) rounds of lead ammo (#8 or #9)

> Box of 25 ammo rounds, for  your gun's gauge 

> Shell holder or a shooting vest for holding ammo

> Ear Plugs – MANDATORY

> Eye Protection – MANDATORY

How to become a member

Requirements to become a member:

  • > Must have a Federal Gun License or an LTC (License to Carry)

  • > Over 18 years of age or  must be in the company of an adult all the time within the Club premises

  • > Must have a shotgun (Over under, Side by Side, Automatic, or Pump)

  • > Positive and friendly demeanor

  • > No legal, medical or physical condition that may be an impediment to the sport and to handling firearms

  • > $100 Club Application Fee (one time, only when joining)

  • > $225 Yearly Membership (April to April). If you join after April the fee gets prorated accordingly.

Print and Fill the membership application form to get started:  Click Here to open the "Online Application Form" or "Click here for the paper version" you can print and bring to the club.

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