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Falmouth Skeet Club


Cape Cod,  Massachussetts

How to become a member

Requirements to become a member:

  • > Must have an active member in good standing sponsor 

  • > Must have a Federal Gun License or an MA LTC (License to Carry)

  • > Must be over 18 years of age, or be in the company of an adult all the time within the Club premises

  • > Must have a shotgun (Over under, Side by Side, Automatic, or Pump)

  • > Positive and friendly demeanor

  • > No legal, medical or physical condition that may be an impediment to the sport and to handling firearms

  • > $100 Club Application Fee (one time, only when applying/joining)

  • > $250 Yearly Membership (April to April). If you join after April the fee gets prorated accordingly.

Fill a membership application form to get started:

Click Here for the "Online Application Form" 


Click here for the PDF version   that you can print and bring to the club in person.

You will need the following equipment at the field:

> Shotgun that can fire two (2) rounds of lead ammo (#8 or #9)

> Box of 25 ammo rounds, for  your gun's gauge 

> Shell holder or a shooting vest for holding ammo

> Ear Plugs – MANDATORY

> Eye Protection – MANDATORY

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